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Free Taster Day for your dog at our boarding kennels in Newton Abbot

Bring your dog for a day before his holiday


If your dog hasn’t stayed with us before then you need to arrange his free Taster Day before we will consider taking a holiday booking. You need to allow plenty of time for this especially during the summer months, so its advisable to arrange your taster day at least a month before your holiday.

Settling your dog at our boarding kennels in Newton Abbot is important to us. We want your dogs boarding experience in our kennels to be a good one, so he is always happy to come back and spend his holiday with us. We won’t take a dog if he finds being in a kennel environment stressful & upsetting. Introduced carefully, most dogs settle in very well when boarding here, especially if they are introduced at an early age, around 6-12mths, as it makes it a natural experience for them and they will accept this new adventure more readily. However, some dogs never adapt to a kennel environment and the older they are when they first start coming to kennels, the harder it can be for them to adapt this new environment. For this reason, we will not take on new clients whose dogs are over the age of 8yrs if they have never been in a kennels before. We always put the dogs needs first, so your dog must come for his complimentary taster day first before you can book him in for a holiday. The taster day is free of charge so there is no obligation on either side. We will always be honest and advice you after the taster day if your pooch hasn’t settled very well. We will not take a holiday booking unless your dog is happy. If your dog hasn’t stayed in a kennels before, then after his taster day, we generally like you to arrange for him to come overnight or for a very short stay before bringing him for a longer holiday. This is beneficial for your peace of mind and gives us a chance to bond with your dog. With this in mind it is essential you plan your dogs holiday in plenty of time especially as we can only offer a complimentary taster day if we have room! Please note: We only board dogs who are sociable as all the dogs go out for walks together and your dog must have a good recall as all the dogs are walked off lead around our farmland. We do not take dogs that need to be walked on a lead or are reactive to other dogs.

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Dog Boarding Prices
Please give Caroline a call for prices. The fees vary depending on the length of the booking as the boarding prices are structured so the longer the booking the cheaper per day and the shorter the booking the more expensive per day. This is because we are a small kennels with a license for 15 dogs so if we take a short booking of 2 days then we may have to turn someone away who wanted to book for 2 weeks.

It is disruptive for the dogs having visitors as it upsets their daily routine but also can stress some dogs out having people coming and going. With the wonders of social media it is very rare we do viewings as anyone interested in our facilities can look at the many 100’s of photos we post on Facebook along with the videos we post of everything from exercise, to breakfast time and cuddles in the kennel. We are also in the fortunate position, that having been in business since 1983 we have a good client base, with many regulars and also because we only take a maximum of 15 dogs we are limited as to the number of new clients we can take on.

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Vaccinations required:
Vaccinations are required, although we are happy to accept proof of a recent titre test. Vaccinations to cover Parvo-virus, Distemper, Hepatitis and Leptospirosis must be up to date and have been administered at least 2 weeks before coming into the kennels. Even if it is only a booster, we won’t take any dogs that have had a vaccination in the 2 weeks leading up to boarding. We also insist on the Kennel Cough Intra-nasal Spray for Infectious Tracheobronchitis. This must have been administered within the last 12 months and at least 3weeks before coming into the kennels. Proof of vaccination is required in the form of a vet vaccination card. It is best to check with us to see if the vaccines are acceptable rather than ask your vet as each kennel uses their own guidelines. Your dog also needs to be up to date with worming, flea and tick treatments.

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Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis (the kennel owners nightmare)

Canine infectious tracheobronchitis, also referred to as kennel cough is a highly contagious, multifactorial disease of the dog's respiratory tract. Much like our common cold, it is generally transmitted through coughs and sneezes, or by nose to nose contact. Dogs kept together in close confinement are therefore at greatest risk of infection. . This is one of the reasons that the illness has adopted the term “kennel cough”. Boarding kennels are an ideal environment for the disease to spread rapidly as large numbers of dogs are kept in close contact so when a dog coughs the bug is expelled in droplets and if a dog in the next kennel inhales it then it is likely he will pick up the infection. Accordingly, your dog could pick up the infection anywhere it shares common air space with an infected dog. So for instance when your dog is at training class, in the vets waiting room, at the groomers, saying hello to another dog at the park or at kennels.

We do our best to make sure Kennel Cough isn’t brought into our kennels by insisting that all dogs are vaccinated and by having floor to ceiling partitions dividing each kennel and by providing lots of fresh air and open spaces.

The kennel cough vaccine must have been administered at least 3 weeks before coming in to the kennels. This is because it is a transient vaccine and recently vaccinated dogs may shed part of the vaccine for a few days or weeks after the vaccine has been administered meaning they are contagious during this period. Having the vaccine helps minimise the chances of your dog contracting kennel cough or becoming a carrier for the condition, however it doesn’t guarantee it as there are several strains, again like our common cold. The kennel cough vaccine is administered separately to the combined injectable vaccine given for other common conditions, and you may need to ask your vet, to have the kennel cough vaccine administered. The kennel cough vaccine usually takes the form of a nasal spray that produces a localised immunity within the cells of the nose to help to prevent the virus or bacteria from entering the lungs.