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The History behind Holiday Home for Pets

Caroline Gale started Holiday Home for Pets in April 1983, so has plenty of experience in caring for your pets. Originally Holiday Home for Pets catered for any small pet, hence the original name. We have looked after cats, dogs, rabbits, snakes, birds of all shapes and sizes, mice, guinea pigs, chickens and we even looked after some ducks and a vietnamese pot bellied pig called Elliot.

When the kennels originally opened in 1983 the accommodation was your usual row of small prison like kennels, with each dog separated by just some wire mesh and the dogs taken out one at a time, on a lead, a couple times a day. Over the years Caroline took less of the small pets and concentrated on just being a kennels and cattery and is proud of the fact that Holiday Home for Pets has moved with the times and the accommodation now offered is spacious, not at all prison like, and each kennel has floor to ceiling partitions which means your dog wont be upset by its neighbour. However the main change is that the dogs are now exercised at least 4x daily in an enclosed field, which means they can go off lead and if sociable can go out with other dogs.

holiday home for pets dog walking, training and kennels newton abbot pet care

2014 saw Holiday Home for Pets become solely a boarding kennels and dog training school. The cattery was stripped out and the building is now used as a training room.

Before a dog can come here for a holiday, they first come for just a day. We call this the taster day and it is free of charge. This is so we can get to know your dog and see how he or she gets on spending the day here. If your dog doesn’t enjoy his taster day he is not likely to enjoy a holiday here so we will always advice you after the taster day how your dog has settled. Most dogs are fine and have a great day but if your dog hasn’t enjoyed it we would not take a booking as we don’t feel its fair for a dog to come here if he doesn’t enjoy it. Mostly the dogs who stay here have a great time with lots of cuddles, fuss and exercise and make new friends and sometimes meet up with dogs they have met and made friends with on previous holidays.

Caroline knows that leaving your dog can be a traumatic experience for you and your beloved dog but hopefully after reading through the website you will be reassured that your dogs needs will be put first and he or she will be well cared for in a safe and loving environment with lots of regular exercise. Holiday home for pets aims to provide your dog a funfilled holiday with comfortable, spacious accommodation and lots of exercise and stimulation. All the dogs are exercised several times throughout the day with walks, play sessions and ball games in the field. You are more than welcome to view the kennels but in order to keep disruption to the dogs routine to a minimum you will need to make an appointment so the dogs walks and play sessions are not interrupted. We also operate a strict appointment system for dropping off or picking up your dog as we need “customer free” time in order to get all the dogs walked several times per day.

holiday home for pets dog walking, training and boarding kennels newton abbot pet care

As well as providing boarding facilities Caroline also does Doggy Day Care on weekdays so you can leave your dog here whilst your at work rather than be left home alone. We also provide residential dog training as well as weekly puppy training & socialisation classes and 1:1 dog training lessons.