Your dog

With only 15 kennels you can be assured that your dog will be given lots of individual attention, with plenty of fuss and exercise. There is nothing worse for a dog than being left in its kennel all day. At The Holiday Home for Pets, exercise is one of the most important parts of the dogs daily routine. I want your dog to enjoy its stay here, so all dogs are taken out for regular walks and play sessions throughout the day.

Each dog has its own individual kennel with an inside sleeping area complete with a heated bed and 24 hour access to an outside covered run. The kennels provide plenty of room and with floor to ceiling solid partitions, are designed to prevent your dog being upset by its neighbours

Dogs at Play

The daily routine

Each dog is individually let out into the enclosed garden first thing in the morning so they can relieve themselves. When they return they have breakfast. At 10am each dog is taken for a walk. Depending on the dog they are either walked off lead or on lead around our fields and woods. This can be individually or in a group depending on the owners wishes and how sociable the dog is. Once all the dogs have been exercised it is my lunchtime and the doggies siesta time. In the afternoon the dogs are taken out again for a walk, ball games, a game of tuggy or just a cuddle. Each dog is different! After their tea they are let out into the garden for an evening stroll and sniff and to give them the opportunity to relieve themselves before bedtime.



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