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Holiday Home for Pets

Dog Training and Puppy Training School

Dog Training Lessons, Puppy Classes and Residential Dog Training

I run small and friendly training & socialising classes for puppies at Holiday Home for Pets, where I have access to indoor and outdoor training facilities. The classes teach life skills for puppies and help owners with their new cute bundles of fun that also turn into piranha’s at certain times of the day! Sometimes having a puppy, as wonderful as it is, can feel like a real challenge. Even those who have had dogs before, forget what hard work it is having a puppy in the house dealing with things like housetraining, biting & chewing. Don’t worry help is at hand! Its never too early to begin and never too late to start, so whether you have a puppy or an older dog give me a call on 07702122042. Or go to where you can find out dates, times & prices.

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Reward based clicker training. What Is It?
Reward based clicker training is great. In simple terms its “hands off” training. No pushing, pulling, jerking, shoving or shouting. By giving your dog clear indications of appropriate behaviour, using a clicker, you modify their behaviour thus achieving a well-trained dog without pain, force, fear or coercion. It's fun, highly effective and dogs love it, as will you! As a trainer, I never cease to enjoy the moment when you see the cogs of the dog's brain turn as it thinks its way through the process. Dogs will only repeat a behaviour they find rewarding and rewards can include toys, games, play, access to exciting places, people, dogs or other animals, human affection and attention, and the!

If you start teaching your puppy how to respond and act when they're young you will make it a lot easier as they grow into adolescents and then on to adulthood. So if you would you like to train your dog or puppy using modern, fun, reward based methods then this is the class for you. There is no need for harsh methods, such as choke chains or squirt bottles in this day and age. Everyone wants a happy, well-behaved pup and this can be achieved by teaching him good manners using kind, reward based methods.

Services offered
Puppy courses – both group classes and one-one’s (Venue at East Ogwell, Near Newton Abbot)
Adult dog training
General obedience and manners
Life skills
Problem behaviours
Reliable recalls
Loose Lead Walking
Home visits for training in your own home
Residential Training – why not combine your dogs holiday in our boarding kennels with some training while he is here

A bit about me
I have been dog training for about 33 years but originally became qualified as a puppy instructor with the association of pet dog trainers in 2000. I am a member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers which means I abide by a strict code of ethics and have been tested on only my theoretical knowledge but my practical ability too. I use motivational reward based systems and go on regular seminars, workshops and training courses to further my education.

Courses/Workshops/Seminars attended.
Canine/human interface 2001
Prevention and Treatment of behavioural problems (Dr Ian Dunbar) 2002
Biting, Fighting & Fearfulness (Dr Ian Dunbar) 2002
How to motivate dogs and owners (Dr Ian Dunbar) 2002
Running successful puppy socialisation and training classes (APDT) 2002
APDT practical training course 2002
Recallers (IMDT) 2014
Aggression and Rehabilitation (IMDT) 2014
Perfect Puppy Foundations (IMDT) 2015
Principals of dog training and behaviour (IMDT) 2015
Looseleaders (IMDT) 2015
Force Free Trick Training (IMDT) 4 day course 2015
Career as a dog trainer 2 day course (IMDT) 2015
4 day practical skills instructor course (IMDT) 2015
Common sense and cutting edge concepts in behaviour and training (Dr Ian Dunbar) 2015
Dog-Dog play. Whats ok and whats not (Sarah Whitehead) 2015
Kachina Canine Communication (Dr Isla Fisher) 2016
(listen to your dog to learn, live and love your dog)
Resource Guarding (IMDT) 2016
Abnormal repetitive behaviour in dogs (IMDT) 2016
Seperation Anxiety (IMDT) 2016
Scentwork Level 1 2016
Canine First Aid May 2015 and Feb 2016
Peddymark micro-chipper (qualified 2015)

holiday home for pets boarding kennels - dog with ball Once a month we hold Recall and Looselead walking workshops. To find out more have a look at our dog training website

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